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bluedave It could be Lakers and Cavaliers that will meet in the finals. But i dont like them. I'm for Boston, Nuggets, and Rockets. The problem with Boston is the absence of KG; while Rockets suffers the absence of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. The Nuggets then had the chance to enter the finals.
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bluedave Lakers vs Nuggets in the west, Cavaliers vs Magic in the east. Who will win in their respective conference? I put my bet... Lakers will win in the Western Conference, and Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference. And that's headin' to my prediction - a Lakers vs Cavaliers for the championship! Who will ...Continue reading »
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bluedave The semifinals seems to be more and more interesting. And what a hell of a fight for the finals! Lakers and Nuggets are tied at 1-1 and closely fought. And the Cavs were beaten by the 'Superman' and his Magic taking a 1-0 lead. Am i going wrong with my prediction? Well, too early to tell though. :d
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bluedave I'm happy the Magic is getting d headway over the Cavs, 3-1. I hope they will be Eastern Conf champ. And i'd be happier if the Nuggets will beat d Lakers, so that the Nuggets and Magic will meet in the finals. I always like d underdogs.
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MANIAKAZ » bluedave forget about it ;p :) Lakers will beat Denver and will meet Orlando in nba finals :)
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