Any kind of discrimination or posting otherwise offensive information is not tolerated. (Perm. ban)
Uploading of illegal and/or copyright-infringing files or information is not allowed. (Perm. ban)
Embedding, attaching or distributing adult-targeted files (audio, video, images) is not allowed. (Warn, perm. ban)
English posts in english boards, lithuanian posts in lithuanian boards, etc. (Warn)
Some boards (forums) have their own set of rules. Please check for appropriate topic before posting. (Warn, perm. ban)
Flaming, spam, advertisements are not allowed. (Perm. ban)
Too short, inaccurate thread names, such as "Help" or "?" are not allowed. Please provide helpful thread names, so people can decide what your topic is all about. (Warn)
Embedding of images that are not suitable for viewing on mobile browsers (due to big file size or dimensions) is not allowed. (Warn, perm. ban)
Avatars or other profile information must not contain anything distasteful, illegal or adult-targeted. (Perm. ban)
Only one nickname per user. People found using more than one nickname will have all of their nicknames banned. (Perm. ban)
Staff decisions are final.